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2017  Spring Bud  《 春蕾》

Leong Hoi Sa's Art of Stone Sculpture 梁海莎的石雕藝術

2017.04. 15  - 2017. 06 . 18

Opening∣  2022.03. 18

Venue ∣地點 ∣子隆山房 鐮倉塾










Spring Bud

Wouldn't it be wonderful if youth can thrive forever? The spring blossom is such beautiful fleeting beauty, just like the ephemeral beauty of youth. I have congealed the evanescent gesture of the spring blossom on a rock in honor of this fleeting beauty.


My forms come from stirrings in life. These stirrings originate from discoveries and observations of life. The power condensed inside plant seeds, flower buds and shellfishes is so saturated; the natural gesture of their outward thrust is so subtle; those folds and crevices appear symmetric and yet somewhat different. The sumptuous living energy embodied therein and the gesture of outward release are as rich with femininity as a mother waiting to deliver life.


The interpretation of the female image in my works is extracted from a flower bud or a shellfish waiting to spread. The slightly open state symbolizes women in their prime youth, full of imagination and expectation for life and love and yet quiet and reserved--shyly waiting in a constrained state.


The stone has existed over millions of years, its surface and texture infused with the vestige of time as if documenting its passing. And yet, it expresses its existence with nothing but silence, just like every individual in this world. The stone traverses through time and space to meet with me, and I honor the passing of life with stone, expressing my self-reflection and discourse on life through the vessel of sculpture.In my stone sculptures, I portray my own projection on life and emotions in a human scale and human living space to convey a perspective on life.

© 2017 by HOI SA LEONG. All rights reserved.
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