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我的創作與研究,以造形作為表現核心,擷取自植物、貝殼等造型的元素, 捕捉視覺經驗中曾深深凝視,使內心產生悸動的造形。 創作過程中,我以造形結合相異石材的特性與質地,使雕塑成為一個獨立的生命形象,這些作品所表現的,可能是石材自身的色澤對比,也可能是某個視覺角度 下觀看到的造形意象。這些透過造形的轉化與指涉,我認為是連結能量轉化中生命的滿盈、消融、消耗 的生命形式。 例如踰越的姿態Ⅰ、Ⅱ是生命自壓仰的力量中掙脫、釋放的姿態,以造形語彙隱 喻身體與心理界限之間跨越、牽扯的瞹眛狀態,喚起內在經驗中的漣漪,擾動生命所依賴的平衡。

Setting out from forms, my art and my study appropriate elements of plants and seashells that ever had captured our deep gaze and made our heart pound. Through shaping their forms, my creation combines stones of different properties and characteristics, giving my sculpture its life and image. From certain angles, their imagery forms might come from the contrasts of their textures or hues. To me, stone sculpting is a slow process of transformation, which allows me to observe the miniscule and subtle scenery contained in forms. With my vocabulary of forms, I respond to the restraint emotions or repressed desires buried in our consciousness. I am convinced that these transformations and references are connecting the fulfillment, decline and consumption of lives during the conversion of energies. The Grace of Transgression I & II present the positions of breaking away from the repressed lives. My formal vocabulary is the metaphor of the ambiguous status of psychological transgressing and struggling. They stir up our inner experience and disrupt the balance we had been cozying in. 

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